The Dorset Cart Company

Not your average sweet cart!

The Dream Team!

 We love making happy customers!

Jennie Langridge

General do it all kinda gal

Super powers :- 'Can do' attitude, creative and a maker, over 10 years working in the celebration/wedding industry. Cool under pressure and a happy person...ALL of the time!

Favourite thing to do :- Eat mac 'n' cheese with friends & family

Interested in :- Cheese (obviously), photography, travel, home-making, ethical sourcing and protecting our planet.

Richenda Kerley

The braun

Super powers :- Resourceful, diplomatic, positive, brings the quirk, caring & funny!

Favourite thing to do :- Travel and explore

Interested in:- Long hot baths, all things nature, birds & animals, retro music and being green.